Attention to effective precise cleaning during production and service connects Alphasonics with the watch industry. Over time, your luxury watches may start to lose their luster and precision. At Alphasonics we have the perfect cleaning devices and chemicals to help restore all of your watches’ brilliance and shine. All traces of contaminants and residues are removed with our cleaning solutions, in particular, Elmasolvex, the latest development of our principal, Elma.


Precision is a key factor in making mechanical watches. The highest accuracy is essential to the fitting of every individual parts into the housing. Therefore, even the finest contaminants and residues cannot be tolerated during production and must be removed and cleaned professionally.

We offer effective Ultrasonic Cleaning solutions with a variety of Elmasonic devices of different sizes as well as the professional watch cleaning machines of the Elmasolvex series. Specialised cleaning chemicals for the various applications complement the Ultrasonic Cleaning.