Xtra line 2

Xtra line 2

The right cleaning system for the task at hand.

Designed for fine and ultra-fine cleaning tasks, the xtra line 2 can be flexibly deployed and extended due to the modular system concept (building block system) at any time. Different tank sizes can even be easily accommodated in one system, so that individualised systems are conceptualised.

The compact, closed system design enables easy system maintenance. Ancillaries for bath care, such as oil separators, filter units or similar, are positioned inside the system in order to save space. Removable back elements facilitate the easy maintenance and servicing of the xtra line 2. All of the pipework can therefore also be easily accessed.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Modular system set-up with 5 tank sizes
  • Multi-frequency technology with 25/45 kHz or 37/130 kHz
  • For fine and ultra-fine cleaning with rounded tank corners and special pipework
  • Optional side-ultrasound technology for special component geometry
  • Different drying systems (hot-air, infra-red and vacuum drying) for different material requirements
  • Compact system design with easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Integrated ancillaries such as filters, oil separators, etc.
  • IPC control with intuitive operating concept
  • Equipped with floor tank as standard
  • Extremely service and maintenance friendly thanks to the compact system design with easily accessible and swiftly replaceable components

The modular system that adapts to requirements

With an xtra line 2 cleaning system, the first steps into professional precision cleaning are easy. For smaller quantities, a manual system, EASY xtra line 2, is the most suitable. If the system capacity is too small, it can be extended at any time thanks to the modular design, or supplemented by various ancillaries.

Thus it is quite easy to adapt – even afterwards – to changing conditions and increasing requirements in terms of parts cleaning. Different transport systems such as the pneumatic handling system or the automatic transport system for heavy parts provide high throughput with the required level of process safety.

Technical Data

 Series: xtra 2 – 300 xtra 2 – 550 xtra 2 – 800 xtra 2 – 1200 xtra 2 – 1600
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz) 25/45 or 37/130 25/45 or 37/130 25/45 or 37/130 25/45 or 37/130 25/45 or 37/130
Max. tank capacity (l) 30,0 55,0 80,0 120,0 160,0
Basket internal dimensions W/D/H (mm) 244/258/120 244/424/200 244/424/330 432/505/200 432/505/300
Max. basket loading (kg) 15,0 15,0 15,0 35,0 35,0
Model Brochures
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