Elmasonic XL

Elmasonic XL

Industrial parts cleaning “x-tra large”.


Not only fine cleaning tasks occur in industry, service and reconditioning cleaning, but the workpieces to be cleaned are often large, heavy and soiled with polishing pastes or oils. The Elmasonic XL machines in 3 sizes (140 to 300 litres usable volume) with overflow pocket and optional skimming equipment and product carriers are suitable here for cleaning heavy and large parts.

The optional heavy-duty oscillation is installed inside the equipment so that the noise insulation folding cover can be closed during operation. Particularly cavitation-resistant oscillation tanks promise a long service life. All machines are equipped with ultrasound from the bottom, ultrasound on 2 or 3 sides and the ultrasound power can be manually set from 10% to 100%. Other functions such as Pulse, Sweep and Degas increase the ultrasound performance, provide better sound distribution or degassing the cleaning bath for new preparation.

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Technical Data

 Series: Elmasonic XL 1200 Elmasonic XL 1600 Elmasonic XL 2700
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz) 25/45 25/45 25/45
Tank operating capacity (l) 140.0 180.0 300.0
Total power consumption 1) (W) 7800 10700 13500
Total power consumption 2) (W) 9000 12700 14500
Total power consumption 3) (W) 8800 12700 14500
Unit ext. dimensions W/D/H (mm) 940/1040/1050 1180/990/1050 1180/1170/1050
Tank int. dimensions W/D/H (mm) 520/450/445 720/400/515 720/600/545
Basket int. dimensions W/D/H (mm) 460/375/320 660/320/380 660/525/380
Weight (kg) 125.0 135.0 155.0

1) bottom sound designed
2) 2-side sound designed
3) 3-side sound designed

Model Brochures
Elmasonic_X-tra_XL_1200 Download File
Elmasonic_X-tra_XL_1600 Download File
Elmasonic_X-tra_XL_2700 Download File