Elma Luxury Clean

Elma Luxury Clean

Concentrates and cleaning solutions – developed by Elma


The Elma Luxury Clean cleaning concept in combination with Elmasonic cleaning devices and Elmasolvex watch cleaning units guarantees top-quality cleaning results and ensures the longevity of the materials.

Elma Luxury Clean is the suitable and especially developed product range of cleaning agent for watch and clockwork cleaning as well as for jewellery cleaning. If for cleaning or for brightening – Elma Luxury Clean cleaning agents are productive ready for different cleaning tasks and materials. From non-aqueous to aqueous rinsing and cleaning solutions to lubricants – Elma Luxury Clean is available in different package sizes.


Cleaning Agents for Watches



Modern watch movements are complex, highly engineered and include high-quality materials. Watches are like little works of art, and in order to keep them in time and prevent early wear they must be cleaned thoroughly during servicing and in production.

Common contaminants include gummed oils and grease. Solid particles such as adhesive, polishing paste, paint flakes, dust particles or any other types of abrasion in any grain size must be removed the watch movement is serviced.

Elma offers 6 different cleaning concentrates and ready-to-use detergents specifically for the watch and clockwork cleaning.



Elma Cleaning Concentrate 1:9

Elma 1:9 is a cleaning concentrate designed for aqueous cleaning of dismantled watches.

Using Elma 1:9 in rotation or vibration mode helps to remove gummed oils quickly and gently and brightens brass- or gold-plated objects.

More information about Elma 1:9 in the product information and in the safety data-sheet.



WF PRO – Waterless Cleaning

WF PRO – Waterless Cleaning is a microemulsion-based detergent for use with mechanical precision parts, such as dismantled and assembled watch movements, in cleaning systems with or without ultrasound.

WF PRO cleans gently with excellent results. It provides good material compatibility and cleans, removes resins and dissolves oxides (brightens) in a single step. This solution helps to ensure a very long service life.

More information about WF PRO – Waterless Cleaning in the product information and in the safety data-sheet.



Suprol PRO – Waterless Rinsing

Suprol PRO – Waterless Rinsing is a non-aqueous detergent for rinsing precision parts, such as dismantled and assembled watch movements, after they were cleaned. Cleaning solutions like WF PRO rinse off completely.

Suprol PRO – Waterless Rinsing evaporates quickly without residue and ensures that lubricants can be applied evenly. In aqueous cleaning of precision metal parts,Suprol PRO can also be used to displace water before drying.

More information about Suprol PRO – Waterless Rinsing in the product information and in the safety data-sheet.



Spirol – Waterless Degreasing

Spirol – Waterless Degreasing is a volatile degreaser for cleaning precision metal parts, in particular balance wheels and hairsprings for mechanical watches.

More information about Spirol – Waterless Degreasing in the product informationand in the safety data-sheet.



Unimix – Waterless Lubrication

Ready-to-use one-bath lubricant for re-greasing after cleaning watch movement and precision parts.

In the rotation and vibration operation as for instance with Elmasolvex SE and RM.

More information about Unimix – Waterless Lubrication in the product informationand in the safety data-sheet.



Elma VACU-Proof

For static and dynamic sealing points and seals of waterproof watches and precision appliances after service work.

More information about Elma VACU-Proof in the product information and in the safety data-sheet.




Cleaning Agents for Jewellery

Ultrasonic cleaning plays an essential role in jewellery creation and manufacturing, and different types of materials and contaminants call for the right detergents.

Our range of cleaning agents ensures both intensive cleaning and optical brightening of precious metals.



Elma Clean 85

Elma Clean 85 is an alkali- and acid-free ultrasonic cleaning concentrate which makes it ideal for cleaning precious and costume jewellery. It reliably removes residues of grease, polishes, polishing rouge, lapping agents, abrasives, and sweat. Elma Clean 85 is also excellent for cleaning plastics.

It is odourless, biodegradable and very gentle to the skin.

More information about EC 85 in the product information and in the safety data-sheet.



EC 95 – Polish & Soil Remover

Highly concentrated with strong brightness effect for removing wear dirt, processing agents and oxidation in the workshop and industry (without ammonia). EC 95 contains a temporary anti-tarnish finish. For rapid cleaning of precious metals and non-ferrous metals as well as their alloys and jewellery with hard stones.

Check costume jewellery and soft stones beforehand for stability. Not suitable for pearls and coral!

More information about EC 95 – Polish & Soil Remover in the product informationand in the safety data-sheet.



Elma Ultra Clean

Elma Ultra Clean cleaning concentrate is cyanide-free and mildly alkaline. It gently cleans gold, platinum or iridium jewellery (also with precious stones) in immersion baths with or without ultrasond.

Elma Ultra Clean reliably removes wax, resin, grease, polishing agents, machining emulsions, sweat and dust, and gives an ultra-bright shine to gold jewellery.

More information about Elma Ultra Clean in the product information and in the safety data-sheet.



Elma Noble Clean

This acidic detergent cleans intensively and brightens jewellery and alloys made from precious metal within seconds. The cleaner is also available in a handy 1-litre round bottle with a wide neck for immersing jewellery and cutlery. After you rinse the precious metal parts with cold water, the temporary anti-tarnish finish will prevent tarnishing for a long time.

Elma Noble Clean is cyanide-free and provides relatively equal results to highly toxic jewellery cleaners containing cyanide.

More information about Elma Noble Clean in the product information and in the safety data-sheet.