Closing the gap in the Toploader series

Closing the gap in the Toploader series

PERKUTE – Programme Extension

“Closing the gap in the Toploader series”
With the new Clean-o-mat SP 100 cleaning system, PERKUTE is extending its portfolio and is thus closing a gap in the basket diameters previously available in the successful Toploader series cleaning systems.

In future, customers can choose between six different basket diameters of 450, 790, 1000, 1190, 1500 and 2000 mm and thus specify a system which matches their needs in terms of the floor footprint and the basket sizes needed.

Of course, this compact and robust system has the same proven equipment features as the SP series – a low-density material separator, electronic lid control, automatic steam extraction, etc. – and turns into a real beast of burden with the permissible basket load of 500 kg in the standard version.

Of course, it can also be extended with all aggregates for filtering solid matter or for separating out viscous contamination.

The cleaning system can be executed as a multi-tank system to fulfil demanding cleanliness requirements and for deployment in paint pre-treatment, and when it comes to ergonomics, a large variety of loading systems are available from a simple loading ramp to the lateral marshalling station with high batch capacity.

The new Clean-o-mat SP 100 Toploader cleaning system is available as from 01/11/2016.