Clean-o-mat PF Rhönrad cleaning system

Clean-o-mat PF Rhönrad cleaning system

The multi-functional cleaning system for intensive cleaning of voluminous components, pipes and bulk materials in euro mesh pallets.

This cleaning machine “Rhönrad” is the ideal choice for the cleaning of parts with cropped areas, which needs to be moved during the cleaning process (rotate or swivel around the horizontal axis).

Through the use of a special height adjustable lock-system also smaller baskets can be used without problems.

Multi tank systems for special subsequent processes can complemented as well as drying and bath treatment systems.


Basic equipment

  • Stainless steel version
  • Compact and sturdy construction
  • Modern design
  • Powerful washing pump
  • High permissible basket load
  • Low water pressure switch as dry-run protection for pump and heating elements
  • Tank cover in the return flow, filter baskets incl.
  • Programmable Siemens S7-1200 touch panel control
  • Complete machine casing in modern design
  • Loading ramp incl. collection tray and grating for manual loading
  • Service hatch for cleaning activities
  • Mountings for fork-lift
  • Intake system rotates or swivels (oscillates) around the horizontal axis
  • Loading device guided by rollers for front loading
  • Adjustable machine feet

Technical Data

Clean-o-mat PF Rhönrad Typ 1250
Usable length 1250 mm
Usable height 970 mm
Usable width 840 mm
Loading height 1020 mm
Permissible basked load 500 kg
Liquid volume 1 Tank 850 l
Liquid volume 2 Tank 850 l/ 400 l
Pump flow rate 1 Tank 450 l/min
Pump flow rate 2 Tank 450 l/min/ 200 l/min
Pump motor 1 Tank 5,5 kW
Pump motor 2 Tank 5,5 kW/ 1,5 kW
Injection pressure 1 Tank 4,5 bar
injection pressure 2 Tank 4,5 bar/ 3 bar
Heating capacity 1 Tank 27 kW
Heating capacity 2 Tank 27 kW/ 15 kW
Rating 230/400 V/ 50 Hz
Total height** 3440 mm
Total width 2924 mm
Total depth 2056 mm
Total weight 1920 kg

No liability accepted for specifications, which are subject to alteration.
* * open lift door


Details/ Equipment

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