Only the right accessories and equipment ensure perfect cleaning results after an ultrasonic bath!

This is why Elma offers matching baskets and covers, glassware and special bins, immersion baskets and insert tubs for each device.


Each Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaning device has matching covers made of different materials (plastic, transparent plastic or stainless steel).

Plastic covers not only protect against evaporation, but serve also as noise control barriers and drip trays for wet baskets. Stainless-steel insert covers can accommodate 1-2 glass beakers.



Baskets and Immersion Baskets

Parts and components for cleaning should not rest directly on the tank floor, as they could damage the tank or scratch the parts and components through vibrations caused by the ultrasound.

And the cavitation fields, which are the areas in which the ultrasonic cleaning action takes effect, are not positioned at the bottom of the tank, but a few centimetres above. This is why Elma offers matching immersion and insert baskets made from either plastic or stainless steel for the various Elmasonic devices.



Insert Tubs

Hostalen tubs are used to gently clean sensitive gemstones or highly-polished precious metals.

Special acid-resistant tubs made of PP plastic are particularly well suited for parts cleaning and surface processing using aggressive liquids such as acids. The acid-resistant insert tub is submerged in a water-filled ultrasonic bath and sonicated through the contact liquid (water).

As the acid will not damage the ultrasonic oscillation tank, the device has a long service life.



Glass Jars and Beakers

In order to use cleaning agents efficiently and avoid wasting large quantities where detergents are replaced frequently, special jars or beakers are frequently used for smaller parts.



Noise Protection Box

Depending on its frequency, ultrasound generates different noise levels within the liquid. We have therefore developed noise protection boxes for a number of device sizes, which significantly reduce the noise level if the cleaning device is too noisy at its site, for example, in a doctor’s practice or in the lab.




We offer holders and bins for jewellery and laboratory applications that are specifically designed for these applications. Our range includes highly flexible jewellery holders with 10 adjustable hooks for jewellers and design studios.

For lab use, there are device holders, test tube holders, clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks and dental tray holders for full- and half-size DIN trays.



Cooling Coil



Ultrasound will warm up the ultrasonic bath during prolonged operation, and cooling coils are used to maintain a preset temperature. To increase the cooling effect for larger devices, the coils can be connected in series.




Ultrasonic cleaning devices such as the Elmasonic S 500 would be too tall for table-top operations. To achieve a comfortable height, we offer an optional frame for the Elmasonic S 500.