Solutions to all your industrial cleaning needs

Solutions to all your industrial cleaning needs

Solutions to all your industrial cleaning needs

Welcome to Alphasonics

“Your Ultrasonic and Spray Cleaning solutions”

We are the primary partner of our principal Elma and are dedicated to provide the best quality Ultrasonic Cleaning services for our customers’ needs. We are also a partner of Perkute, the leading manufacturer of Spray Cleaning machines. Our impressive reputation for quality and the ability to meet various specifications have led us to serve a wide spectrum of industries.

Our Services

Alphasonics understands that the significance of cleaning in various industries, such as dental; healthcare; jewellery; watch; laboratory and industrial components have grown dynamically.

In order to meet these needs, we offer the following Ultrasonic and Spray Cleaning services to help you:

  • Ultrasonic and Spray Cleaning Consultation
  • Test Cleaning
  • Chemistry In-House

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Why choose us

Besides offering highly experienced consultants; and well-performing Ultrasonic equipment to assist your cleaning needs, Alphasonics also offers the following tangible benefits for all our valued customers:

Reliable and trustworthy principals and brands

Possess product-industry specific knowledge

Experience and expertise for customisation of equipment


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